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Montréal, Front store available

Pre-lease phase at this moment.

Art Gallery and workshop

OBNL in the opening phase.

We are working very hard for an opening soon.

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Unite-T concept is to regroup together different actors from the art and fashion industry, to ease the collaboration between each other. The proximity gives a better access to complementary services provided by peers. It also allows a larger visibility for your business, weither you are offering services or selling a product, because each business creates a traffic on site and we also promote our member's business on our Official web platform.

Unite-T goal is to serve as a lever to help you develop your projects.

It allows users to have access to an affordable work space and to be able to use all necessary tools and additional space they need to boost the fast growing of their projects and business.


Benefit from being part of the community:


  • Strategic location: Storefront is located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Plateau Mont-Royal. (It makes it possible for you to have your Atelier and Boutique in the same place.)

  • It is a modern and professional workplace environment, offering amazing turnkey solutions!

  • The official Web platform Unite-T is an additional visibility for your business.

  •  It gives you access to an important professional network connected to your business line

  • It gives you access to additional services and equipment

  • You can be part of the different events (exposition, fashion shows, conference, etc. )






Rent a  Showroom space, private or shared,

from 350$/month

(Prices vary according to space size)

Bureau Privé

Private Office

Rent a Private office Space, private or shared

from 350$/month.

(Prices vary according to space size)

atelier couture

Couture/Sewing Workshop

Rent a private or shared workshop space, from          

500$/month. It gives you access to other workshop equipments (cutting table, overlock, press, etc.)

espace coworking

Coworking Space

Rent a Coworking Space,

from 300$/month


(Prices vary according to space size)

locatio studio photo

Photo Studio

Two large photo Studio are available for permanent rent. Studio can be shared for approximately 600$ / month.

Espace boutique

Boutiques Space

Rent a boutique space front window store on Boulevard Saint-Laurent from 400$ / month.

(Prices vary according to space size)


Boutique/ Workshop

Rent a space to install both of your workshop and Boutique.

(Prices vary according to space size)

Atelier d'art

Art Workshop

Rent an Art workshop from 

300$ / month.

(Prices vary according to space size)

Affichage-vente de toiles

Painting and Photo Display

Rent a display space to sell your art.

(price to discuss)

Inclusion : electricity, coffee, printer, cleaning and maintenance, 24h24 accessibility, security system

Common area

  • Kitchenette

  • Rest area

  • Possibility to use the photo Studio

  • Possibility to use the conference room

  • Possibility to have a space in the Collective showroom or the Collective Boutique

  • Occasional rental for equipment and sewing workshop is possible


Unite-T idea being to create a powerful working network, we congregate different actors of the industry together. Our growing community welcomes new application from people interested in renting a space. If you are a society, own a business or are an independent worker looking for a work space and having professional activities in the following business line, join Unite-T!!!

(Smaller or bigger places are available (office, photo studio, workshop, showroom, boutique, etc.)

-Design (fashion, Home, Lifestyle)


-Graphic Design

-Creation (Fashion, Jewellery, Accessories)

-Artist (Paintwork, other)

-Textile design

-Dressmaker, sewingr (if you are looking for a fully equiped shared space)

-Rising brand


-Pattern maker


-Textile printer


-Sales man, distributor, show-room working in fashion and accessories


-Branding company, consultant in business strategy


-Tattoo artist




-Visual art

Member ship is available to be part of the community network for people interested but not looking for a space for rent.


The Unite-T house plan different events, in collaboration with members of the community. You are welcome

to be part of those events.

-Art Galerie

-Photo Expo

-Fashion Show

-Collection Launch


-Formative sessions



Occasional Rent

Book a one time rent for:

-Photo Studio

-Couture Workshop

-Conference room

-Exposition and event room


Contact us to know the availability.


 The house offers several services for member and public:

-Sewing service



-Photo (line sheet)

-Pattern printing

-Care label production


-Button and accessories installation


Contact Us

To book a space or get more information contact

Marie-Pier Lalli




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